Sky Residents and Eschaton – PreluDJ (Serenity LP)

absolutely living substance, as if animated modernist landscape… no stylistic frames… only the enchanting beauty and unpredictability of the movement …”

(from fanzine @IKRA club, Moscow, Rus)

“…the brilliant Russian artists; Sky Residents.”

(Chris Wright @ Omni Music, UK)

Omni Music is incredibly proud to welcome the new collaboration LP between label owner, ESCHATON, and the amazingly talented SKY RESIDENTS.

Here is the official release details.

SKY RESIDENTS represent their next creation: a joint collaboration with British producer and arranger Chris Wright (ESCHATON). This is a full-length album- a mixture of drums, bass and ambient textures, woven with serene soft vocals and soaring live piano – including 15 tracks and known as “PreluDJ – Serenity LP” this album was recorded in the city of Novgorod the Great (Russia) and in Derbyshire (England) between autumn 2010 and late autumn 2011.

This is the first international project for Darian Planet productions, uniting electronic sounds with live performances. The album is released in the UK via Omni Music. :

SKY_RESIDENTS featuring ESCHATON “PreluDJ” – Serenity LP

OUT 28th September 2012


1. My Transient Heart

2. Creating Circles

3. Vanished Little Smile

4. Open Air (Suenos) (Ft. Enjoy)

5. Auras (Interlude 1)

6. Stratosphere

7. Serenity (Interlude 2)

8. Remember

9. Vanishing Fields

10. Redemption

11. Apparition

12. Living waters (Interlude 3)

13. If Only

14. PreluDJ (Outro)

15. Drum Therapy (Bonus Beats)




















Sky_ Residents are one of the few Russian bands playing electronic music “live” and not having to stick to the unwritten rules. The beguiling name hides a couple of progressive-minded natives of Novgorod the Great. Composer, singer and pianist Victoria Darian and drummer Dmitry Darian, who is also a poet and producer.

For many years searching for new expressions of sound, Sky _Residents cretaed their own eclectic style, mixed with original lyrical melodies by Victoria Darian and spanning atmospheric drum& bass, lounge, trip-hop, IDM, new & acid jazz style. All masterfully played and tenderly sung songs. The desire for experimentation continues to this day, and with their genuine love of drum & bass this resulted in the creation of the massive hit ‘St. Petersburg Cardboard’ or more simply known as “Wings” (2004). This track later became a hymn of electronic underground music, being played live to eager crowds. This success helped spawn eight officially released discs including the Russia’s first studio album with dvd Surround sound 5.1.


The Winner of Russian Drum&Bass Awards 2006 in the nomination Best Track (song “Wings”) St.Petersburg, Russia

Honorary guests of electronic-music festival Kazantip 2004, Kazantip 2006

An opening act for Robert Plant (ex. Led Zeppelin) as participant of a world-music-project” Ethnika”. ”Robert Plant &Strange Sensation” Budapest, Hungry July 2007

Participating in SZIGET festival (in line-up of project “Ethnika”) 2003, Budapest, Hungry.

Participation in the Festival label “Secret Operations” (England, Sweden) 2008, Moscow.

Opening the festival «Breathe» 2007, Moscow.Participation in the first all-Russian festival of youth culture “Art Parade” in the Loft Project “Floors”, 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia


1.“Sky _Residents” (March 2005, Mystery of Sound, Moscow, Russia)

2. “Versions of murdering dj’s”vol.1 (November 2005, Mystery of Sound, Moscow, Russia) album of remixes of Russian electronics musicians

3. “Kindness” (instrumental album) (May 2006, Mystery of Sound, Moscow, Russia)

4. “Kindness” DVD Video. (December 2006, CD Land, Moscow, Russia) – The first Russian studio album that was recorded in surround sound 5.1. (Capitel Studio, Moscow, Russia .Tracking, mixing by Timur Gauf) The studio has been used by such artists as E.John, R.Williams, Nazareth..Etc. Mixed surround 5.1 & post-production by Igor Ovchinnikov

5. “Version of murdering dj”vol.2 (March 2007, Mystery of Sound, Moscow,Russia)

6. “Eto_Mesto”single (June 2007, Darian Planet Production& Apelsin Production, Moscow,Russia)

7. “All Wings” (December, 2007, Kendo Records PDK Records Sankt-Petersburg,Russia)

8. “The Gods of Live Drum &Bass Art” summer maxi single 2008 (Darian Planet production, Moscow, Russia)

9. “PreluDj (Serenity LP) – performed by SKY_RESIDENTS featuring Eschaton (OMNI MUSIC,

Darian Planet & Sever productions. September 2012)


Performed by SKY_RESIDENTS (Viktoria Darian, Dmitry Darian) and Eschaton (Chris Wright).

Composed by V.Darian, C.Wright.
Vocals by V.Darian. Recorded by Sergei Lyatavsky at Pump-Studio (Novgorod the Great, Russia).
Keyboards and synthesizers by V.Darian. Recorded by N.Tcherkunov at J-PHOENIX (Novgorod the Great, Russia).
Arrangements and sound production by C.Wright. Arranged at Omni Music (Derbyshire, England).

Guitar on “Auras (Interlude 1)”, “Stratosphere” and “Apparition” by Will Plowman (Bristol, England).
Extra drums and atmospheres on “OPEN AIR (Suenos)” by Alessandro Corsini aka Enjoy (Udine, Italy).

Mixed by C.Wright, except:
“OPEN AIR (Suenos)”, “Serenity (Interlude 2)” and “Redemption” mixed by N.Tcherkunov, C.Wright;
“Vanished Little Smile” and “PreluDJ (Outro)” mixed by N.Tcherkunov.

Post-production and additional reworking by N.Tcherkunov, D.Darian.
Digitally mastered by Nikita Tcherkunov at J-PHOENIX (Novgorod the Great, Russia).

Cover photo by Dmitry Darian.
Models are Viktoria Darian and Stepan Zagumennykh &
Matrena Stepanovna Darian
Cover designed by Elena Lapunova (Moscow, Russia),
Anna Anhen (Saint Petersburg, Russia),
Ksenia Tsvetkova (Novgorod the Great, Russia),
Produced by Dmitry Darian.